Undertaking Initiatives for the Common Good

As a family foundation, we are guided first and foremost by the principle of “giving back” which was instilled in us by our parents, Dale and Nancy Olseth. Their steadfast commitment to philanthropy was a cornerstone of our family ethos. We are proud to represent our parents by carrying on the legacy of generosity within local communities. We do this by supporting organizations within four sectors: Arts, Education, Environment, and the Underserved. These are our ‘pillars’ and within each there are many deserving and vital organizations that serve ever-growing needs.  To maximize the impact of our philanthropy, we have refined our focus on five specific initiatives that we believe will make meaningful strides toward solving complex societal issues. We thank our partner organizations for their “boots on the ground” efforts, which helps move us forward on these important initiatives.

Cheryl Olseth, Jon Olseth and Karen Solomon,
Directors, Olseth Family Foundation


Current Initiatives

Plant & Animal Species Conservation

Safeguard ecosystems through species diversity

Carbon Reduction & Clean Energy

Support climate change education & carbon reduction solutions

Dignity, Respect & Equality

Foster fairness and inclusion for a healthier society

Food & Housing Security

Meet fundamental needs for individuals and families

Arts, Culture & Education

Enrich lives through experiential learning

Featured Initiative | Carbon Reduction and Clean Energy

Maintaining plant and animal species diversity contributes in many ways to the health and well-being of humans. Species diversity ensures clean air, soil, and water, regulates the climate, safeguards a robust food supply, provides sources for myriads of medications, supplies fiber and building materials, and influences recreational and spiritual values.   

Over the past four decades, human activities such as development, agricultural expansion, deforestation, and poaching have become the primary causes of flora and fauna extinction and biodiversity loss. Other factors such as the effects of climate change, global consumerism, and population growth also threaten many species’ long-term sustainability.  

Through our many partnerships, the Olseth Family Foundation aspires to slow or reverse the loss of native species, with the goal of restoring stability and balance in North American ecosystems.

Making a Difference | Advocating at the 2023 United Nations

Human Rights Council Meeting, Geneva Switzerland

Cheryl Olseth, Director of The Olseth Family Foundation, will accompany The Advocates for Human Rights to the United Nations 52nd session of the Human Rights Council and the 137th session of Human Rights committee in Geneva Switzerland. The participants will advocate against the death penalty, and in favor of improved treatment of asylum seekers, safety for women and children, and greater human dignity and respect. In support of these goals, the Minneapolis, Minnesota based participant group will meet with member state delegates, provide oral statements, and participate in relevant events.

Engendering Dignity, Respect and Equality

The Olseth Family Foundation is proud to continue support for The Advocates for Human Rights, who work tirelessly to change systems and conditions that cause human rights abuses. The Advocates fight injustice and improve laws and lives throughout the world while representing individual victims of human rights violations.

Specifically, the foundation funds the Women’s Human Rights Program which focuses on ending violence and discrimination against women and girls by improving laws and policies, both in the United States and globally.

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