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Stop song the Trans-Pantanal highway.  One of the most remote places on the planet.  Birds, birds and more birds.
Care about the planet, bring the family tomorrow evening to Earth, Wind and Solar.
Today is International Tiger Day. Celebrating the near success of an international effort to have doubled the number of tigers by 2022, the year of the Tiger. Not quite there but numbers are heading in the right direction. 

Photo taken by Olseth Family Foundation director Cheryl Olseth, while on a 2019 trip to Nepal and India with WWF to view first hand the efforts being made to save this iconic species. #wwf #savetigers #internationaltigerday
Interest in electric vehicles has never been greater. July 9th is EV day in St. Cloud, MN. Test drive a variety of models between 10:00 am - 2:00 pm. 
The Black Footed Ferret is North America’s most endangered mammal, approximately 300 in the wild.  On International Endangered Species day, proud to support WWF’s restoration work.  Shout out to field biologist Kristi Bly who is dedicated to saving these adorable species from extinction.

Photo taken by Kristi Bly.
If you live in Central Minnesota, tomorrow is your opportunity to find out why electric vehicle drivers will never go back to an internal combustion engine. Test drive a fully electric vehicle.
Happy 🌎 Day!
Reside in Southern, Minnesota and want to test drive an all electric vehicle, Saturday is the day.  #rechargeamerica #minnesotastateuniversitymankato #mankatostateuniversity #southernminnesota