December 6, 2022

Amount Requested$21,000.00


7710 SW 31st Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97219

Sarah B. Tenney

DIr. Grants & Foundation Reations

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  • Food and Housing Security
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Program Support

Mission Statement

The mission of Meals on Wheels People is to enrich the lives of seniors and assist them in maintaining independence by providing nutritious food, human connection and social support. We also use our expertise and capacity to serve other nutritionally at-risk populations.

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Summarize Your Request

While the 82nd Street Capital Campaign continues its Eastside Expansion planning, we are asking the Olseth Foundation for $21,000 of renewal support that will help sustain the Meals for Kids Program (M4K) general fund in the FY23 period (Jan 2023-Jun 2023).

Overview of the Grant Request

Population Served

School-aged children from BIPOC families experiencing food insecurity and additional challenges.

Geographic Area Served

Portland area (particularly inner N and NE and outer SE) and Gresham.

List Three Measurable Goals That This Funding Will Help You Achieve.

The specific FY23 fiscal goals of this funding for the Meals 4 Kids Eastside Expansion Project are:

Goal 1. To provide planning status updates regarding the 82nd street project including the additional kitchen space for the future program location that includes state-of-the-art freezers, refrigerator-coolers, a new packing space to prepare meals, and a well-organized meal pick-up area; new charging stations for the program’s groundbreaking electric-solar refrigerated vans; and status of the development of new office and meeting space for program staff. FY22 Funding from Olseth Foundation is still targeted for this use.
Goal 2. Provide the direct count and amount of Olseth funds used between Jan-Jun 23 to address the growth and volume of meals specifically children and their caretakers. With a $21,000 gift we anticipate a minimum of 1500 meals to children to be impacted by this funding.
Goal 3. Initiate further accurate grants management and record keeping. The Olseth Foundation is a renewal foundation. We aim to use each grant gift efficiently and effectively from start to finish. We will upgrade systems and processes to insure accurate records for proper recognition and grant relationship management.

How Will You Accomplish These Goals?

For Goal #1, our Chief Development officer, Kevin Carrillo is on the executive team and will provide the timeline changes that drive the changing 82nd Street Capital Campaign timeline.

For Goal #2, Our Operations Team will provide the report of meals purchased and distributed from our state-of-the-art data collection system used on a daily basis to metric volunteer delivers to target populations. Through our robust client tracking system, ServTracker, Meals on Wheels People will keep careful track of the number of children and families served by the Meals 4 Kids program before and after the building renovations have been completed and the program has moved to its new location. We aim to use this data to provide a comprehensive report to the Olseth Family Foundation detailing the increased number of families in service and as a result of the improved capacity from the Meals 4 Kids Eastside location.

For Goal #3, Our Dir. Of Grants and Foundations will specifically update grant systems to help collaboration between development and program staff. These improvements (no funds from the grant gift are necessary to reach this goal) keep internal staff connected to the Olseth Foundation story, giving history and use of funds commitments.

Looking Forward, How Will You Measure These Goals?

Expected outcomes of the Meals 4 Kids Eastside Expansion Project include:

• Goal 1: Advancement of our original capital development milestones, including: Enhanced emergency preparedness and disaster response capabilities to minimize interrupted services during ice and snow storms, wildfires, excessive heat, earthquakes and other catastrophes; and Decreased carbon footprint with fewer trucks on the road for shorter periods of time, given 92% of children and 81% of caregivers served through the Meals 4 Kids program reside in East Portland.

• Goal 2: Sustained and increased capacity of the program to serve additional low-income families of color facing food insecurity – we are seeing increases in families served since our benchmarks in FY20 for this population area; We also expect that Meals 4 Kids staff and volunteers will experience much-improved efficiency, ease, effectiveness and productivity in the new space, leading to heightened staff and volunteer satisfaction, enthusiasm and morale

Goal 3: Our Dir. Of Grants and Foundations will report the specific improvements to systems and policy collaboration that directly impacts grant management operations and increased efficiencies to report and recognize grant donors who are supporting the M4K program.

Implementation Plan

Start Date


End Date


Describe Most Significant Collaborations With Other Organizations And Efforts.

Meals on Wheels People regularly partners with a variety of organizations to achieve success. Some of our partners include Multnomah, Washington, and Clark counties; city governments; churches and synagogues; parks and recreation programs; Head Start Programs; Centro Cultural; Friendly House; Neighborhood House; Immigrant & Refugee Community Organization; Central City Concern; Project Access NOW; Impact NW; community and senior centers; Oregon Health & Sciences University; Oregon Food Bank; Asian Health & Services Center; Rose Community Development Corporation; Store to Door; Q Center and Home Forward. We are accredited as a Medically Tailored Meals Provider by the Food is Medicine Coalition and collaborate with Kaiser Permanente and PeaceHealth for Medically Tailored Meal research and interventions. These partnerships and many others enable us to reduce isolation, feed at-risk seniors, and provide multi-layered, cross-functional services to older adults and families with children in need.

What Is The Projected Timeline For The Proposed Activities?

Project milestones include:

• Immediate and direct financial support to addressing increased growth and volume of meal requests specifically serving underserved children and caregivers, including: food purchases, program staff/volunteer management expenses specific to the M4K program success, and emergency family requests.
• Continued planning and program operation as capital campaign permits and additional funding awards are secured.

We anticipate these funds being directly applied to the anticipated meals from Jan-June 2023.

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