October 12, 2022

Amount Requested$10,000.00


100 Stadium Court
Mankato, Minnesota 56001

Jason Mack

Executive Director

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  • Engender Dignity, Respect and Equality
  • Food and Housing Security
Proposal Information

Funds are Being Requested for:

General Operating

Mission Statement

To provide safety and support to victims of domestic and sexual violence through education, advocacy, and shelter.

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Summarize Your Request

We are requesting general operations support for CADA. CADA’s mission is to provide safety and support to victims of domestic and sexual violence through education, advocacy, and shelter. We do this through our broad program areas: community-based advocacy services throughout the region; our emergency safety shelter; the Keep Me Safe Supervised Parenting Time and Exchange Centers; and our education programs. We provide free and confidential services to victim/survivors of domestic violence, sexual violence, sex trafficking, and stalking. We know that victims of these forms of violence are often underserved in our communities. Further, many who use CADA services are economically disadvantaged, are often isolated, and are more racially and ethnically diverse than the general population of our service area. CADA supports our region and communities by providing victim-centered, culturally responsive, and trauma-informed services. CADA is focused not only on providing safety, basic needs support, and care to victim/survivors; we are also a driving force in creating long-term social change in our communities.

Overview of the Grant Request

Population Served

Victim/survivors of domestic violence, sexual violence, sex trafficking, and stalking.

Geographic Area Served

All 9 counties in Region IX of Southern MN.

List Three Measurable Goals That This Funding Will Help You Achieve.

As the only provider of domestic and sexual violence victim services in the region, CADA is uniquely positioned to make life-changing differences for those we serve through our programs and services. Our organizational goals include (1) increasing victim/survivor safety and support, (2) maintaining 24/7 access to services, and (3)helping to build safer communities.

How Will You Accomplish These Goals?

We will accomplish these goals through the many services offered in our 4 main program areas: Community Advocacy. Emergency Shelter. Supervised Visitations and Exchanges. Education.

Looking Forward, How Will You Measure These Goals?

Defining victim/survivor success is complex. Each person comes to us with a unique set of circumstances, strengths, challenges, and identities. When working with advocates, victim/survivors set their own goals and identify what safety looks like for them. When defining what safety looks like, we are talking about physical safety, but also social and emotional safety and well-being. Our evaluation efforts include quantitative analysis of the number of people served during a given period, analysis of the types of services provided, and qualitative surveys measuring victims experience of access, safety, empowerment, and connection.

Implementation Plan

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End Date


Describe Most Significant Collaborations With Other Organizations And Efforts.

Supporting survivors and creating social change requires community-level relationships and partnerships. We know that domestic and sexual violence intersect with other forms of violence and oppression, including racism, sexism, homophobia, ableism, and more. We know that oppression is one of the root causes of violence and understand that we cannot address one form of violence without addressing all forms of violence.
CADA has longstanding, successful partnerships with systems and service providers who frequently come in contact with victims across our service area, including homeless service providers, criminal and legal systems players, adult and child protection agencies, youth service providers, school districts and college systems, county services, healthcare systems, and more. CADA is a key player in multi-disciplinary teams, including local Homeless Response Teams, Sexual Assault Response Teams, the Child and Family Advocacy Center of South Central Minnesota, and The Blueprint for Safety.
CADA has strong relationships with the state coalitions in our field, Violence Free Minnesota and the Minnesota Coalition Against Sexual Assault. These coalitions provide our organization with guidance, technical assistance, and a voice at state and legislative levels. In turn, our organization, along with member programs across the state, provide our coalitions with data and information to help shape legislative agendas and the direction of our movement.

What Is The Projected Timeline For The Proposed Activities?

Our 4 core programs are ongoing and this general operating funding will provide overall support to our organization. Therefore, there is no specific timeline for this request.

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