The Largest and Most Comprehensive Shelter in Minnesota

People Serving People (PSP) is the largest and most comprehensive shelter for families experiencing homelessness in Minnesota and a dedicated leader in the prevention of homelessness.

Over PSP’s 40-year history, it has grown from operating exclusively as an emergency shelter to adding vital wraparound services needed for families to reach long-term stability. These services include advocacy, financial education, employment assistance, support groups, and high-quality childcare, all of which contribute to ending the cycle of homelessness.

Beginning in 2021, PSP implemented a robust prevention program that offers families flexible resources and support. With the ability to offer unique and flexible solutions, many families can remain in their homes, avoiding the need for temporary shelter. In our half-decade of support for issues surrounding homelessness, The Olseth Family Foundation has found that this is one of the most innovative ways to eliminate the often-debilitating trauma of homelessness.