Keeping Oregon Up-to-Date on the Latest Science

Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB) has been a grantee for nearly a decade. The science and environmental coverage are excellent, covering daily topics such as climate change, wildfires, environmental justice, energy, and natural resources. With two collaborative teams of reporters OPB also creates in-depth, feature productions such as Oregon Field Guide, All Science. No Fiction, and the award-winning Timber Wars podcast series.

In 2023, Olseth Family Foundation Funding will support the second season of the video series, “All Science. No Fiction” hosted by OPB’s science reporter Jes Burns. The series uses whimsy, curiosity, and fun to highlight the amazing work of Pacific Northwest scientists. The stories highlight new technology, cutting edge solutions, inventions and, “epic cool” ideas which inspire wonder and awe.

Upcoming episodes will include
1.Healing Legos: What if tiny Lego-like building blocks could rebuild bone?
2.Axial Seamount: What if there is a way to predict volcano eruptions?
3.Soil Microbes: What if soil microbes can help us eat fresh vegetables in space?
4.Endometriosis: What if we could treat a painful condition by cooking the cause?