Supporting Rusty in Spreading the Message of Recycling

Off The Blue Couch (OTBC) is located in Minneapolis’ Jordan neighborhood. This area of the city has a higher ratio of under-resourced residents coupled with fewer opportunities than other parts of the Metro. The result is significant disparities, including: significantly lower annual incomes, fewer job offerings, greater poverty, less homeownership, lower total average education, and higher crime rates. All of these are factors which lead to increased stress, anxiety, and other mental and physical health issues.

OTBC offers a range of initiatives which provide techniques, inspiration, and support in finding a path of growth, healing, wellness, and recovery from personal and collective pain.
The Olseth Family Foundation supports OTBC’s many community offerings, such as: Aromatherapy, Bingo, Breathing & Beading, Chess, Heal & Paint, Healing Circles/Sessions, Workshops, and a blog called, Waking Up Black. In addition, OTBC provides youth-focused healing sessions to students at Harvest Prep and Brooklyn Middle school during the academic year.

OTBC is strengthening the North Minneapolis populace by building self-confidence, addressing barriers, and fostering community building and inclusion.