Teaching Educators to Incorporate Climate Change Literacy Into Curriculum

The Olseth Family Foundation has developed a cohesive partnership with Climate Generation through its ongoing support of the Teach Climate Summer Institute. The summer institute educates K-12 teachers to effectively incorporate climate change literacy into the curriculum, whether the subject is art, music, math, science, or history. Summer Institute attendees are given curriculum coaching and development, lesson plans, and access to the Teach Network, a web-based community of educators who connect around all climate topics. With each teacher that completes the weeklong course, the number of climate literate students expands. Climate disinformation can be identified and addressed while simultaneously sharing accurate climate information with both parents and kids.

Beginning in 2022, the Teach Climate Summer Institute broadened the variety of speakers to include not only teachers and scientists, but also youth, anti-racism educators, and climate justice professionals. They will also utilize more expansive online tools to facilitate the experience. The online platform Whova has been implemented to create a website for attendees to access materials, join discussion forums, and gather scheduling information. Zoom will continue to be used for attendee workshops, for more intimate discussions, and as a medium for interested persons to view any of the keynote speakers.

The Teach Climate Summer Institute will continue to deepen existing relationships and expand engagement to include a larger, more diverse group of cohort leaders, educators, and presenters across the country who can share localized climate impacts, actions, and solutions.