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Oregon Food Bank

December 5, 2022

Amount Requested$20,000.00


7900 NE 33rd Drive
Portland, Oregon 97211

Barb Young

Senior Developer

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  • Food and Housing Security
Proposal Information

Funds are Being Requested for:

Program Support

Mission Statement

Oregon Food Bank's mission is to end hunger and its root causes...because no one should be hungry.

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Summarize Your Request

More people than ever are waking up to the realities of hunger in a nation with an abundant, local bounty large enough to feed everyone. A sustained lack of access to quality, nutritious food has serious health and economic consequences for our communities. To connect our neighbors to healthy, nutritious food, OFB is piloting innovative strategies and partnerships that create new, sustainable pathways to food security.

As the coordinating agency of the OFB Network of 21 Regional Food Banks and 1,400 food assistance partners, OFB is positioned to engage communities across the region and amplify the voices of those with lived experience of hunger across our region. We are deepening our relationships with BIPOC-led organizations to ensure communities most impacted by hunger are leading solutions to end hunger.

The OFB Network has been responding to staggering spikes in food insecurity - the worst in a 100 years - and is bracing for sustained and profound levels of food insecurity as COVID-19, wildfires, and rising costs continue to impact our neighbors. The disproportionate impact of these crises on Black and Latinx lives means food insecurity is compounded in communities already disadvantaged by centuries of racial injustice and systemic inequities that drive hunger - including a lack of access to healthcare, living-wage jobs, affordable housing, and education. In Oregon, Black and Latinx Households are twice as likely to experience food insecurity as White Households (Oregon Health Authority, 2021)

Oregon Food Bank will work to ensure food access throughout the region. We will continue to evolve our food assistance network to meet the dietary, cultural, health and linguistic needs of all who live in Oregon and Southwest Washington.

Overview of the Grant Request

Population Served

Oregon Food Bank serves anyone who is food insecure in Oregon and SW Washington.

Geographic Area Served

State of Oregon and Southwest Washington

List Three Measurable Goals That This Funding Will Help You Achieve.

This funding will help us directly support people seeking food assistance through the Oregon Food Bank Network by:

Centrally source between 40 and 60 million pounds of food annually to sustain our Regional Food Banks and Partner Agencies - increasing the variety of fresh, versatile and culturally-relevant products by 25%, in response to the leadership of our equity constituencies.

Strengthen BIPOC farmers, grocers and other food-related businesses through food purchasing and capacity-building — We will supporting a minimum of 75 unique businesses from a baseline of $350,000 to $1.5 million annually.

Integrate Double Up Food Bucks into SNAP EBT cards and significantly increase program incentives from $500,000 to $2 million annually.

How Will You Accomplish These Goals?

OFB is piloting innovative strategies and partnerships that create new pathways to local, community-based food access points. Strategies include developing partnerships with BIPOC farmers, distribution of grocery gift cards; SNAP Outreach; mobile food distributions, school pantries, healthcare partnerships, and Double Up Food Bucks -- which maximize SNAP benefits at local grocery stores and farmers markets.

We will continue to evolve our food assistance network to meet the dietary, cultural, health and linguistic needs of all who live in Oregon and Southwest Washington.

We will strengthen BIPOC farmers, grocers and other food-related businesses by dedicating resources towards land access and expanding administrative, programmatic and policy-based support to advance the leadership of BIPOC and immigrant / refugee leaders — as measured through programmatic growth and the number of coalitions and relationships fostered. We will assist at least 15 farmers from our equity constituencies to access land.

Double Up Food Bucks (DUFB) is a SNAP incentive program focused on increasing access to fresh produce among SNAP participants by matching SNAP participant purchases on fresh produce, supporting Oregon farmers, and strengthening local economies. For every dollar a SNAP participant spends on fruits and vegetables, they receive an additional dollar to spend on more fruits and vegetables, up to $10 per visit.

Looking Forward, How Will You Measure These Goals?

Ending hunger is an ongoing community practice. Just as every person needs to eat every day, resilient communities that never go hungry must continuously and vigilantly commit to building prosperity for everyone. In the year ahead, with your support as part of a growing movement to end hunger in our region, we will build on past successes - connecting our communities to an abundant regional bounty, developing a more just food system, and building community power to drive systems-change.

Nutritious, fresh, locally-grown food is abundant in the Pacific Northwest - we will ensure culturally appropriate food reaches communities facing the highest rates of hunger, distributing our local bounty throughout OFB’s statewide network.

We will build a more just food system where all communities have the right and ability to produce, process, distribute, access and eat nutritious, culturally-appropriate food free from the exploitation of land and labor.

Implementation Plan

Start Date


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Describe Most Significant Collaborations With Other Organizations And Efforts.

Oregon Food Bank partners with growers, ranchers, fishers, packers, manufacturers, grocery companies, and cold storage and logistics companies, we work across the entire food system to source, package and distribute food to communities throughout the region. Our warehouse team manages donations of all sizes – from a couple of bins or pallets to multiple truckloads. And with a focus on produce, protein, dairy and pantry staples (like rice and canned tomatoes), we provide foods that are nutritious, familiar and relevant across many cultures.

We help our partners donate products that are still safe for consumption but may have approaching expiration dates, have correctable labeling issues, or are the wrong size. When partners have surplus on hand, it can very likely be donated. We are able to receive donations of processing samples, bulk industrial ingredients and aging inventory, along with packaging materials and production line time. Many of our partners have committed to sharing their retail-ready product as an ongoing donation. These partnerships have an incredibly positive impact in communities throughout Oregon and Southwest Washington. And as a bonus, the tax benefits for donations make strong business sense.

We’re proud to partner with allies like:

The Rural Organizing Project (ROP) in addressing hunger and its root causes throughout the region. The organization's mission is to strengthen the skills, resources and vision of primary leadership in local autonomous human dignity groups with a goal of keeping such groups a vibrant source for a just democracy. They are a statewide organization that supports a multi-issue, rural-centered, grassroots base in Oregon. They work to build and support a shared standard of human dignity: the belief in the equal worth of all communities, the need for equal access to justice and the right to self-determination.

Adelante Mujeres is a non-profit organization based in Forest Grove that provides holistic education and empowerment opportunities to marginalized Latina women and families, to ensure full participation and active leadership in the community. Through their community programs, it’s undeniable that Adelante Mujeres is a central point of connection for the Latine community in Washington County. Adelante Mujeres means, “women rise up” in English and that is exactly what this team of fierce women are doing.
Mayra Hernandez, who coordinates Adelante Mujeres’ Produce Prescription Program, and Petrona Dominguez Francisco, Leadership & Advocacy Program coordinator, are key leaders in the Food for All Oregonians campaign — and are among the founding advocates who helped envision and craft this historic legislation. Mayra’s background in health equity and Petrona’s in advocacy create a beautiful blend of expertise that is needed to move the campaign forward.

What Is The Projected Timeline For The Proposed Activities?

The proposed activities are included in our 2022-2026 strategic priorities. The funding we are seeking would support these efforts for a 12-month period. The budget information presented represents our current fiscal year which ends June 30, 2023.

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