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Feeding Our Communities Partners (FOCP)

October 6, 2022

Amount Requested$10,000.00


2120 Howard Dr. West, Suite F
North Mankato, Minnesota 56003

Sheri Sander-Silva

Executive Director

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  • Food and Housing Security
Proposal Information

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Program Support

Mission Statement

Feeding Our Communities Partners (FOCP) has a mission to engage our community in solving youth hunger. We envision a community in which hunger is not a barrier to success and believe that feeding hungry students allows for active minds during the school day.

FOCP fulfills this mission primarily through the work of the BackPack Food Program (serving elementary students), Power Pack Program (serving middle school students), Summer Pack Program (serving K-12 students) and onsite food pantries for High School students. These programs provide youth hunger relief on weekends and school breaks. Collectively, FOCP programs serve over 1000 students each week at 30 school buildings within 5 school districts and 10 communities in the greater Mankato Area.

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Summarize Your Request

FOCP strives to feed hungry students, thus providing youth with the opportunity to lead happy, healthy, and productive lives, regardless of current circumstance. Providing youth with nutritious food to serve as basic fuel is our goal.

Specifically, FOCP programs serve students in grades K-12 who live in food-insecure households by providing child-friendly, well-balanced single-serving food items to be consumed each day of the weekend or extended school break. Food items include breakfast, lunch, and snacks for each day of the break. During the school year, the food packs are assembled, transported to schools and distributed to teachers by volunteers (who discreetly place them in the backpacks or lockers of enrolled children). During the summer months and over the extended December winter break boxes of food are delivered directly to the doorsteps of enrolled youth.

Collectively these programs serve over 1,000 students each week at 30 school buildings within 5 school districts in the greater Mankato Area.

The impact of these services stretch far beyond a food pack. A student shared "The BackPack Food Program makes me feel safe, secure and cared about."

Overview of the Grant Request

Population Served

Specifically, FOCP programs serve youth in grades K-12 that live in food-insecure households.

Geographic Area Served

Five school districts and 10 communities in south central MN.

List Three Measurable Goals That This Funding Will Help You Achieve.

FOCP programs strive to To provide youth hunger relief services to youth in grades K-12 in south-central Minnesota, eliminating a large potential barrier to student success.

Goal #1: Feed hungry students and expand services to meet the local need.
Goal #2: Improve the quality of life for students enrolled in FOCP programs.
Goal #3: Increase success in school, activities, and life for students enrolled in FOCP programs.

Teachers report a difference in the quality of life for students enrolled. The top three improvements observed are: increased energy levels, improved emotional health, and enhanced ability to concentrate. Additionally, teachers reported an improvement in attendance for FOCP participants, and 91% of parents said the food packs make their children happier.

FOCP programs are free to all participants and there are not family income requirements for participation. 85% of households served have at least one working adult, and trends tell us that 72% of students utilize the services for two years or less. This tells us that we are serving those most in need when they need it most.

Funds provided by the Olseth Family Foundation will support our growing enrollment, ensuring we are a resource for youth in need.

How Will You Accomplish These Goals?

FOCP is a leader in youth-hunger relief within our region and has rallied the support of all sectors by developing and fostering relationships that allow for collective efforts to have an impact on the elimination of youth hunger locally.

FOCP's work is accomplished with the help of more than 2,000 volunteers who assist in the preparation, transport and distribution of food packs annually.

Looking Forward, How Will You Measure These Goals?

FOCP evaluates its impact annually through surveys distributed to students, teachers and parents of those enrolled. Additionally, the organization seeks and receives feedback throughout the year from families, school personnel, volunteers and other program stakeholders. As a locally developed program, this feedback is essential to the consistent evolution of program services. FOCP is a small, nimble organization which seeks to create the largest social return possible with the limited resources available.

Implementation Plan

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Describe Most Significant Collaborations With Other Organizations And Efforts.

Program partners that propel our work include School personnel (principals, teachers, staff, counselors, social workers, custodians), Rregistered dietitians & nutrition educators, Interns & service-learning students, Area businesses (over 400 local businesses provide funding and encourage employee volunteerism), and Volunteers (community members offered over 6,000 hours of assistance and support last fiscal year).

FOCP works very closely other local nonprofit agencies and has continued to develop shared advocacy efforts that allow for greater community awareness on the drivers of and issue of hunger. We have strong lines of communication that are open for referrals and/or to connect families with all of the resources they may need to be successful.

What Is The Projected Timeline For The Proposed Activities?

FOCP services are now offered year-round. The BackPack Food program has expanded beyond the school year into the summer months via the Summer Pack program. You in grades K-12 can access services, as needed, throughout the year.

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