World Wildlife Fund Northern Great Plains

Large Scale Bison Recovery

WWF is dedicated to restoring the plains bison, North America’s largest mammal, to its historic place in the Northern Great Plains. Once numbering tens of millions across North America’s grasslands, the plains bison was nearly eliminated by the 1880s. Heroic efforts over the past century have sparked the return of the bison to the prairie. Even so, only about 20,000 bison are now managed for conservation, most in small herds. Native Americans, with their strong cultural affinity for bison, are leading this recovery effort.


WWF is partnering with several tribes to restore bison, including in Montana, where we are working with the Assiniboine and Sioux to expand herds by bringing in bison from Yellowstone National Park that have special cultural and genetic importance.

To learn more about the WWF’s Bison Recovery efforts, click here.

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