Recharge Mankato

Expanding Innovation, Opportunity & Vitality in Greater Mankato

Olseth Family Foundation Recognizes EV Leaders Across Minnesota


On September 22nd, the Olseth Family Foundation recognized a diverse group of participants through the Recharge Minnesota program. An inaugural group of for-profit and non-profit institutional leaders have joined Recharge Minnesota to support and promote electric vehicles (EVs) across the state. The Olseth Family Foundation was one of the initial outreach sponsors and continues to be a key partner of the Recharge Mankato initiative, upon which the statewide initiative is based.

Organizations recognized by Recharge Minnesota have each pledged to take positive actions related to EVs that fit their circumstance and share their experiences to help others learn.

Recharge Mankato Helping Make Region a Leader in Electric Vehicles


As a new centerpiece of our efforts to boost talent attraction and retention throughout our region, community leaders in Greater Mankato are organizing to make our region a leader in Minnesota on electric vehicles. We believe that this effort will support our shared goals to improve livability, economic opportunity, and educational pathways.


Recharge Mankato is a community partnership between the Mankato Area Foundation, Minnesota State University, Mankato and the Olseth Family Foundation aimed at improving the health and vitality of the Greater Mankato region through greater use of emerging transportation technologies like electric vehicles. The partnership hopes to draw greater positive attention and opportunity to Greater Mankato through a series of ongoing community-led initiatives:


  • Hosting electric vehicle events in the region, including test-drive opportunities which also promote fundraising support to local charitable initiatives
  • Securing community support for electric vehicle charging in strategic locations
  • Supporting ongoing community dialogue relating to the link between electric vehicles and economic growth opportunities in the region
  • Spotlighting local community and business leadership in fostering greater use of electric vehicles


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