Planned Parenthood North Central States
(IA, MN, ND, NE, SD)

Helping Fund Planned Parenthood’s Uptown Health Center


Reproductive healthcare is imperative at any time, but as the novel coronavirus has upended our lives accessibility to a clinic is more important than ever. The foundation is excited to be a funder of the Planned Parenthood North Central States new Minneapolis Uptown health center. The health center will focus on family planning services, clinical research work, and a growing Education and Outreach team.

Planned Parenthood’s Teen Council


Planned Parenthood’s Teen Council is an intensive year-long, youth development program that trains 15-19 year-old students in the Minnesota cities of Duluth, Rochester, Minneapolis and St. Paul, to become leaders in promoting reproductive health among their peers.


The three primary focus areas are education, advocacy, and service.


Each participating teen will become a peer educator, building skills, competence, and knowledge about sexual health topics. Throughout the academic year, the 30-40 Teen Council members will provide nearly 1000 peers with accurate health information. In addition, peer educators contribute to their communities in many other ways, such as giving formal classroom presentations, participating in community service projects, and advocating for reproductive rights.


National teen pregnancy and birth rates are at historic lows. The teen pregnancy rate has dropped by 51% since its highest levels in 1990, and the teen birth rate dropped a full 41% between 2006 and 2014. This decline is associated with delayed initiation of sex and better use of effective contraception. But more specifically, Minnesota has one of the lowest teen birth rates in the nation, at 16.1 per 1,000 young women aged 15 to 29.


The Olseth Family Foundation aspires for an even greater reduction in the above data as we provide financial support to this wonderful program, which provides voice to accurate, developmentally appropriate and culturally responsive reproductive healthcare.


To learn more about Planned Parenthood’s Teen Council, and all the services that Planned Parenthood provides, please visit: