Supporting Rusty In
Spreading the Message of Recycling

One of our most fun projects of 2020 is the support of Rusty, a paper bag born out of compassion for our ailing planet.  A group of Minneapolis youth, working with the Off The Blue Couch Organization (OTBC) came up with a character named Rusty, a brown paper bag that embodies their passion for taking care of the environment and addressing climate change. Using rap, games, and event visits, a diverse “Crew” of young people – Childi, Reya, Emerson, and Winston, helped give life Rusty. Rusty teaches the importance of plastics, aluminum, boxboard and paper recycling, as well as organics and overall sustainability.


Off The Blue Couch is an organization working with adults and young people that suffer from current and historical trauma. Begun and inspired by the life of Audua Pugh, at right, who got off her Blue Couch by sharing her story of addiction, and her transition to being the woman that she is today.


OTBC offers initiatives that promote healing and recovery including workshops, creative expression events, “Healing S.T.O.R.I.E.S.” (Sharing the Truth of Our Reality in Every Sentence), and an ongoing “Waking up Black” blog that documents the struggle and trauma of being black in America.


Their motto is, “Healing & Recovery begins with YOU!”