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If you live in Central Minnesota, tomorrow is your opportunity to find out why electric vehicle drivers will never go back to an internal combustion engine. Test drive a fully electric vehicle.
Happy 🌎 Day!
Reside in Southern, Minnesota and want to test drive an all electric vehicle, Saturday is the day.  #rechargeamerica #minnesotastateuniversitymankato #mankatostateuniversity #southernminnesota
On behalf of the Advocates for Human Rights Director Cheryl Olseth presented an oral statement to the United Nations Committee on the status of Women on the impact of extractive industries on women and children. The theme of this years meeting is how Climate Change impacts women. 

#advrights #csw #uncsw2022 #advocatesforhumanrights #theadvocatesforhumanrights
Special Event November 8th
Achieving Drawdown

After a summer marked by wildfires, air quality alerts, droughts and heatwaves, we could all use a little hope when it comes to climate change.

Join Dr. Jonathan Foley, executive director of  Project Drawdown for Zoom webinar....the event is free but you must register here: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_n7Tmm5qdStOQ2APDXvVIFg

For more information, visit:  https://www.climaterealitymsp.com/achieving-drawdown-nov-8
Made my day.  Proud to support WWF’s work on the Northern Great Plains. #wwf
Remembering George Floyd and all the men and women of color who have been killed by the people who swore an oath to protect and serve. #blackouttuesday
A day late, but didn’t want to miss recognizing the regal Bengal tiger. 
Bengal tigers can reach 13 feet in length and 660 pounds. They are generally solitary animals, often requiring large contiguous areas of habitat. Their historical range has been severely reduced primarily due to habitat loss and human population growth. A global goal to double the world tiger population by 2022 is shaping up to succeed. The success is attributed to formal protections against poaching and habitat destruction. 
Photo taken during a March 2019 trip to Nepal and Northern India.
Happy Earth 🌎 Day!!
WWF’s Martha Kauffman and South Dakota rancher Lyle Perman working in partnership to keep the North American Grasslands intact @NFWF / MACF Northern Great Plains Grantee Convening.
Beautiful morning to learn about the University of Minnesota’s Center for Forest Ecology.  #universityofminnesota