Giving Voices Initiative

providing the tools needed to begin a dementia-friendly chorus

Creating Unique Choirs in the U.S., Canada and Australia


The Olseth Family Foundation has been supporting Giving Voice since 2016.  We could not be more proud to be involved with an organization, which has assisted in the development of over 30 unique choirs in the US, Canada and Australia.


Mary Lenard and Marge Ostroushko, Giving Voice co-founders, provide the structural format, inspiration and tools needed to begin a dementia-friendly chorus, yet incorporate flexibility around culture and music memories.


In 2018, we were fortunate to help support a collaboration between Giving Voice and the American Composers Forum which placed a composer and poet in-residence with the three Twin Cities choruses. This year-long project resulted in a choral concert titled “Love Never Forgets”.  The premiere work consisted of nine original pieces by Victor Zupnac and Louisa Castner, 170 singers and 1000 attendees at the at the Ordway Theatre, St. Paul, Minnesota.


In 2019, our support will be utilized for the Giving Voice Collective Leadership Gathering, a two-day event in partnership with the Mayo Clinic Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center.  This is a first time gathering of dementia-friendly choruses from across the globe.  Over two-days, music directors, program managers, accompanists and volunteer coordinators will attend music and dementia research presentations, volunteer training sessions, sharing of stories, networking, small group discussions and much laughter, love and connection.


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